Play is a Serious Business – Part 2!

February 1, 2018

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Yet more evidence that play is really, REALLY important founder Jo Liversidge recently published this article to the Nature’s Footprints Facebook page:

Unstructured play is critical for kids + their brain development—so set them free

It’s a fantastic piece by Dr Patricia Salber, which ties in really nicely with our post from yesterday (“Play is a Serious Business”).

Once again, an expert explains why free and unstructured play is so important to the development of children’s brains.  Unstructured play helps children to work with their emotional regulation and social interaction; it also helps them to deal with the unexpected, to solve problems, to create and imagine without rules or boundaries.

But most importantly of all .. it’s fun!

So what does free and unstructured play mean?  Putting it simply, it means letting go of the reins a little bit, and allowing children to choose how to play.  It means giving them enough time and space, to create their own games and situations.  It means not having every moment of every day set out and scheduled for them.

We’re passionate about play at Nature’s Footprints

It’s a huge part of our ethos, and our team of Forest School practitioners are all highly experienced in working with children and groups from all walks of life.  We put a huge emphasis on making sure Forest School is fun; we also make sure every child can work to their strengths in our groups, whatever those strengths may be.  But most of all, we try to make sure the children direct their own play as much as possible.

That allows them to learn about negotiation, risk and imagination, in a safe and really fun way.  These are not always easy things to learn in our highly structured modern world – but it’s something we believe we really should be fighting to keep for our kids!

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