Play is a Serious Business!

January 31, 2018

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We love it in all it’s forms – whether it’s outdoors in the woods building dens and going mud-sledging, or indoors creating wild art from leaves and twigs.  Even just the simple fun of playing board games with a group of friends is a really valuable way to relax, have fun, and find some all-important mindfulness in our lives.

It really is true to say that play is a serious business!

It’s important for our mental and emotional health, our social integration, and because it’s just plain FUN!  The benefits of playing are well documented, by everyone from sociologists and psychologists, to teachers and family workers alike.

As adults, we appreciate how important play is for children – but what about ourselves?

It’s often an overlooked fact, but grown ups need play too.  If we have kids to play with, great!  But it isn’t just about playing children’s games; it’s also about remembering how to have fun, kick back and be in the moment – whether there are kids around or not.

The article below by Taylor Kreiss, a positive psychology writer, is a great place to start if you’re feeling like life is just a bit too serious – it could be a sign that you need some serious play time!

Read Why Play Should Be a Priority For Every Adult on the Thrive Global website. Have fun!

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